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Corporate Philosophy

Specialty Analytical is a locally owned environmental and analytical testing laboratory dedicated to providing superior customer service and technical capabilities. As an employee owned company, each employee is committed to excellence in support of the client projects processed by the laboratory, and to pursuing continued growth, both professionally and personally.

Specialty Analytical was formed to provide clients access to environmental and analytical services that fulfill two goals, to provide the highest level of technically and legally defensible data, and to achieve a level of customer service unsurpassed in the field. Specialty Analytical recognizes that while the environmental field is a technical discipline, it is primarily a service industry. This recognition drives all decisions made in the laboratory.

All employees of Specialty Analytical have the drive to excel at customer service, making themselves available to clients for technical support, problem solving, and other client requests. We recognize a failure to do this will lead to a recognition of sameness with other laboratories providing services to the environmental field. Specialty Analytical wishes to be recognized as a leader in the service aspects of the field, while maintaining the high levels of technical support clients have come to expect from the founders and employees of the company.

Specialty Analytical strives to be recognized as the superior technical and customer service laboratory in the United States. This is achieved by working closely with clients, regulatory agencies, and industry to gain knowledge of requirements driving the environmental industry. Also, working closely with clients on specialized analysis allows greater insight on the purpose of the analysis, providing Specialty Analytical with information that may lead to superior service.

Marty French
Laboratory Director

Key Staff

The focus on customer service at Specialty Analytical requires technical excellence and problem solvers in critical positions within the laboratory. These positions are client friendly, and encourage client contact and questions. The experience at Specialty Analytical in critical positions is extensive and varied.

For a full look at what we can do for you, download the Statement of Qualifications PDF here.

Below are personnel summaries of project and laboratory management positions.

Marty French

Laboratory Director

Marty's bio pic. Marty has over 30 years experience in the environmental field. He manages daily operations, quality assurance, customer service/relations, facilities, and administration. He is directly responsible for the technical and fiscal performance of the laboratory. Marty has an extensive background in GC, GC/MS, HPLC, pesticide/herbicide, and hydrocarbon analysis. He is also proficient at data validation and QA/QC programs. Mr. French has a BS/BS in Chemistry and Biology.

Dean Strom

Operations Manager

Dean's bio pic. Dean is responsible for analytical production and operations. He also is responsible for daily scheduling of sample flows, and commitments to meeting client turn around time requests. Dean has 20 years experience in the environmental field, including organic analysis, metals analysis, wet-chemistry and sample preparation. He has a BS in Organic Chemistry.

Nikki Bippes

Sample Control - Client Service

Nikki's bio pic. Nikki is responsible for proper receipt and storage of samples, preparation of sample kits, and login of project and sample information to the LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System. She also schedules sample pickup and delivery and serves as the primary point of contact for our clients. Nikki has over 6 years experience in laboratory operations and client service and holds a BA degree in Business Administration.

Cindy Hillyard

Project Manager

Cindy's bio pic. Cindy has over 17 years in the environmental field, holding a variety of positions in client relations and project management, as well as office administration positions. She is responsible for daily management of client relations, project management functions, and front office procedures. Cindy manages the client retention/customer service programs at Specialty Analytical, and is point of contact for most clients of the laboratory.

Dennis D. Wells

Business Development - Manager

Dennis's bio pic. Dennis has over 20 years experience in the environmental field. In addition to his experience in Sales and Marketing, Dennis is also a former Lab Director, Operations Manager and V.P. of Quality Assurance. He is responsible for the laboratory's Sales and Marketing effort as well as development of new programs and technologies. Dennis has a BS/BS degree in Chemistry and Biology.