Sediment Analyses

Sediment Analysis.
Specialty Analytical Provides:

Validatable results - Level IV deliverable packages

Ability to run all PSEP/SEF chemical parameters in-house, including Tributyltin and PCB Congeners

Low detection limits to meet your specific reporting limit requirements

Unsurpassed turn-around-time, 7-10 business days

Experience with cleanup of difficult matrices using Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

The analysis of sediments can be complicated and the matrix complex. The laboratory must know how to clean up samples and mitigate analytical interferences. Successful analysis of sediment samples requires knowledge and experience. Over the past decade Specialty Analytical has provided sediment analysis to a variety of commercial, municipal and private clients including a number of Ports in the Northwest. The average experience level of our analytical staff is between 7-10 years and our senior staff has nearly 100 years of combined analytical experience.

Due to the risk based calculations used in regulatory requirements the reporting limits that laboratories must achieve can be much lower for sediments than those required for routine soil or solids analysis. Achieving these low levels requires the use of advanced, cutting edge technology and instrumentation; analytical methods need to be pushed beyond standard limits. The instrumentation used at Specialty Analytical includes ICP, ICP/MS, CVAF (cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry), GC/MS, GC/ECD, and High-resolution triple-quad GC/MS/MS .

Click on the links below to see typical detection limits and analyte lists for the methods used at Specialty Analytical.