Headline - AVS SEM!

Specialty Analytical Provides Measure of Metals Toxicity in Sediments Using AVS SEM
Specialty Analytical is one of only a handful of laboratories in the Northwest that offers this capability. Contact the lab for more information or for a quote at 503-607-1331 or info@specialtyanalytical.com.
AVS SEM (Acid Volatile Sulfides with Simultaneously Extracted Metals) analysis accounts for the sequestering of metals by acid volatile sulfides (AVS), a naturally occurring dissolved-phase ligand present in sediments. AVS limits the bioavailability and toxicity of certain metals to benthic organisms. AVS SEM is a way to measure the binding capacity of AVS relative to the sum of the simultaneously extracted metal (SEM) concentrations for six metals (cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, silver, and zinc). When these metals are fully bound and not bioavailable to benthic organisms, toxicity is not observed.