Headline - Specialty Analytical Gives Back...

Engineers Without Borders Ecuador Project
Specialty Analytical donated analytical services to the Portland chapter of Engineers Without Borders www.ewbportland.org in support of their site assessment efforts on the Napo River in the Amazon region of Ecuador.
Ecuador locals say thanks to Specialty Analytical.
Specialty Analytical has also donated their services to other projects in India and Peru.
In this location in Ecuador water is taken from the river and used by the community of Bua de los Tscachila. The community of Bua is one of 7 communities of the Tsachila culture. This unique and distinctive culture lives on their own territory close to the city of Santo Domingo, Ecuador. They are easily recognized from the cropped hair of the men, colored bright red by paste from the "achiote" tree, and the striped skirts worn by both the men and women. They are famed throughout Ecuador as curanderos, herbalists and shamen.
The quality of water in the river is impacted not only by sewage contamination but also by contamination from oil drilling activities in the area. The hydrocarbon contamination is predominantly from Crude Oil spilled into the river.
Specialty Analytical assisted in the water quality assessment by providing data on oil content and PAH levels in the water.