Headline - Specialty Analytical Enters New Era...

Specialty Analytical Enters New Era in Environmental Analysis - Triple Quad Means Parts per Quad... Drillion That Is!
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With current risk-based regulations driving detection limits for traditional industrial pollutants down to unprecedented levels and interest in emerging compounds, whose effects can be felt at extremely low doses, on the rise, the pressure is on laboratories to develop technology to measure contaminants at pico gram levels in standard size environmental samples.
Specialty Analytical is addressing this challenge by purchasing leading edge technology such as the Thermo TSQ Quantum XLS GC/MS/MS, triple quad mass spectrometer.
The Highly Selective Reaction Monitoring (HSRM) capability of the triple quad MS enables analysts to isolate and quantitate specific compounds even from the complex background of environmental matrices, and limiting the selected masses scanned in both the primary and tertiary Quadrupole MSs allows for incredibly low levels of sensitivity, parts per quadrillion (ppq) for most compounds.
Use of the triple quad MS will allow us to achieve pg/L detection limits in water and pg/g detection limits in soils, sediments and tissue samples for many emerging contaminants and persistent priority pollutants such as PCB Congeners and PBDE flame and fire retardants.