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Specialty's Use of Milestone Technology for Ultra-trace Acids Means Higher Quality and Better Value for You.
To achieve the lower and lower detection limits required by current regulations for trace metals, reagents used in metals analysis must be purer than they have ever been. Specialty Analytical has addressed this challenge by purchasing the Milestone DuoPUR sub-boiling distillation system that allows us to make our own ultra pure acids from standard grade reagents. This allows us to control the level of purity to meet specific requirements of the analytical methods we choose to employ. Also with small samples sizes it is critical to keep blank levels low for good reproducibility.
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Sub-boiling distillation is recognized as the best method to obtain high purity reagents and the lowest blank values for ultra-trace analysis. Sub-boiling distillation is based upon vaporizing a liquid by infrared heating of its surface to prevent boiling. This technique prevents the formation of aerosol or droplets. In conventional distillation, violent boiling action generates aerosolized particles, resulting in contamination of the original liquid with the distillate. Surface evaporation during sub-boiling distillation prevents this, thus yielding a higher purity distillate.
Ultra-trace Acids
The DuoPUR consists of two high-purity quartz distillation units. Each unit contains two heating elements (which supply a maximum power of 1250 W), a water cooled condenser, reagent addition, and high purity collection bottles. The distillation process is microprocessor controlled, allowing the user to set the distillation time and power level. Infrared heating gently vaporizes the surface liquid, accelerating evaporation, and preventing aerosolized particles. Vaporized liquid is collected on an inclined cold finger where it condenses and drips into the high purity PFA collection bottle.