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Environmental Programs

State Environmental Programs - USEPA - Quick links to websites for state agencies throughout the US


SEF - Sediment Evaluation Framework for the Pacific Northwest


Oregon DEQ - Stormwater

Washington DOE - Stormwater

City of Portland - Stormwater Monitoring for Industry

Contaminated Sites - UST

Oregon DEQ - RBDM for Petroleum Sites

Washington DOE - Model Toxics Control Act - MTCA

Analytical Methods

USEPA - Test Method Collections - Quick Links to Air, Water and Solid Waste Methods

USEPA - Clean Water Act Analytical Methods

USEPA - Clean Water Act, Proposed Changes to Analytical Methods Aug. 2010

USEPA - Solid Waste - Quick Links to SW 846 Methods

Specialty-specific resources

Sample Acceptance Policy

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Regulatory agencies require all samples received at Specialty Analytical meet these following criteria. Download the PDF for full documentation.

Chain of Custody

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Required by law for every test we run for our clients. Includes the following information: sample identification, location, date and time of collection, collector's name and signature, sample matrix type, analysis requested and any comments regarding the sample.

Containers and Preservation

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A list of sample container types, preservation and holding times for the various matrices Specialty Analytical tests. Specific requirements must be met in order to process a sample. Download the PDF for full documentation, and also review the "Sample Acceptance Policy" found above.

Pricing Schedule

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A list of the most common testing done in our lab. Additional test methods are available, or customized method development services can be provided. Please discuss these or any project requirements with a Specialty Analytical Project Manager.

Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan

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Specialty Analytical is committed to providing the highest quality services and customer service to our clients. The display of this commitment is the responsibility of each employee in the organization. The requirements of this Laboratory Quality Assurance Program apply to each member of the laboratory at every level. Download the PDF for full documentation.


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Washington State Department of Ecology environmental laboratory accreditation program. These are the methods and corresponding analytes Specialty Analytical is accredited with.

Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality environmental laboratory accreditation program, ORELAP-NELAC. Specialty Analytical has applied for NELAC accreditation through the ORELAP program. The attached pdf summarizes the technologies and test methods we have applied for.

Instrument List

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A list of the scientific instruments used at Specialty Analytical. Feel free to call or email any questions about the equipment we use.