Ground Water Summary

Specialty Analytical supports analysis of groundwater from landfills, Superfund sites, RI/FS investigations and other monitoring programs.

Ground water can be defined as water in the subsurface that saturates the rocks and sediment in which it occurs. Ground water is one of our most vital natural resources. It is the primary source of drinking water for millions of Americans and is also used to irrigate our crops. The quality of our groundwater is vital to our health and well being.

Because ground water is underground and out of sight, various chemicals used or dumped on the ground’s surface can infiltrate into the ground, or leak from septic systems, and end up in the ground water. Once these pollutants enter ground water, they can be difficult to detect by taste or smell, and difficult to remove. They can then end up in drinking water and water used for irrigation. Because ground water supplies many of our streams, especially in the late summer, pollutants in ground water can end up in those rivers and streams as well.